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Bridge with Made in Japan


Bridge with Made in Japan, Effortlessly

Japan Consulting Inc. breaks new ground in export consulting – we place our customers at the center of our focus. We understand the complex challenges that dot your path towards global expansion and apply our best minds to cruise you through them.

Businesses require certainty and stability to prosper. This precisely is what we aim to achieve through our work philosophy of shared wellbeing and prosperity. In order to do so, we make our services:

Reliable and trustworthy, for we understand the importance of minimizing risks involved with international trade. With thorough inspections, we guarantee the quality of the goods we help export
Customized to your personalized requirements as each product, exporter, buyer, and market has different needs that demand a different approach
Comprehensive services such as market and product research, customer analysis, sales planning, targeted product introduction, web content translation, warehousing, handling export procedures and shipping, buyer negotiations, customer support and service, payment recovery – everything
Low Cost & Time Bound through a vast global network of talented and experienced manpower that operates quickly and efficiently. Shipping, export approvals, and payments are on schedule and handled economically

Customer centric approach enables you to outsource your concerns to us and focus on your business. It goes without saying we stand by you if things do not go as planned. And, we do so with all humility and respect.