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Japan Consulting Inc. adopts a streamlined registration procedure for quick and efficient start of your export operations. We believe, a well begin is half done and this approach is in line with our overall business philosophy of shared wellbeing and prosperity.
Extending the principle of shared prosperity, we charge $0.00 for registration. That's true, it's free. The following is our registration procedure:

  • Call Us
  • Receive Information via Email
  • Enter Relevant Details in our Online Registration Form
  • Send Necessary Documents via Email
  • Provide Information on Your Competitors Selling Similar Products in the Destination Market
  • Sign Contract
  • Deliver the Goods to our Warehouse
  • Receive Advance Payment
  • Receive Other Payments in Installments

After you call us, we provide the necessary product information via email. It is important you have the necessary documents and at least some information about the competition before we sign the contract.

We check the goods you deliver for quality and ship them to our overseas customers. Based on the product information, we design a web page for the promotion of your product. The same information goes into determining sales planning and negotiations.

On your behalf, we collect advance payment from our overseas customers. We start collecting payments after the sale of 6 of your products. The final payment is made after our customers are thoroughly satisfied. Except for the first month when sales are unpredictable, we specify the payment dates.