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Japan Consulting Inc. is committed to comprehensive Foreign Sales Agency Services in your quest to take the best of Japan to the world. With dedicated staff spread across 20 countries in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, we bring peace of mind to your export operations.

Globalization presents immense opportunities for exports. Language barriers, information gaps, and competition from large and established market players form the pitfalls. With customized and efficient

Japan Consulting Inc. assists Japanese exporters with the export of:• Refurbished Fusion Phones

• Smartphone Accessories

• Toys, Figures & Infant Toys

• Baby Supplies

• Cosmetics

• Other Items of Daily Use

We offer:

Cell Phones & Accessories

With a team of accomplished technicians who have been in this business since the dawn of the cell phone era, we are uniquely poised to offer the best of refurbished phones. To ensure quality, we:

• perform a comprehensive test for the functionality of every phone and repair it if necessary

• test the battery, charger, and whether the phone holds charge because most problems are caused by these three components

• place the phone inside a brand-new, quality housing

We understand the somewhat complicated nature of cell phones. For us, a transaction is not complete till our customers can handle the phone comfortably. This is why we:

• provide links to download-able User Manuals with most of our phones

• have Activation Specialists assist customers activate their cell phone

• maintain a dedicated team of Support Representatives to answer any question



Thorough inspections provide a 100% Guarantee of Authenticity on all the toys and figures we export. Coupled with exceptional Customer Service and a 24x7x365 operational online store, our toys are simply way ahead of the rest.



Adding style to the substance of our exports portfolio is the collection of great beauty products. With guaranteed quality and excellent customer service, your quest to look young, feel young, and be young ends here.